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The Twelve Days of Hogwarts Christmas Party

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The Hogwarts Christmas Party
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This isn't a Fest, it's a Party. And in 2011 it'll run for the second time. Soon the words Proud Tradition may find their way here.

The idea for the Hogwarts Christmas Party started with my (= therealsnape's) wish to throw a virtual party for my flist and other discerning writers / readers.

I wanted:

* Lots of fic on our favourite characters (the Hogwarts teachers and various other older HP characters);

* Maximum fun and minimum stress for the writers;

* To welcome those flisties who can only write one character and feel they can't join fests because that means the obligation to write certain pairings / prompts;

* As an afterthought, really: a little gift for everyone under the Christmas tree.

Given the freedom writers get here, recipients have to be very accomodating about their gifts.

So, if you'd like a party that offers lots of Hogwarts teacher fic, then this may well be the place for you as a reader/commenter.

If you want to write as well, you're very welcome, but please read the general info very carefully. You'll find our character list, and the things you'll have to do as a writer and a recipient.

I wouldn't want you to be disappointed, and this party really is quite different from more traditional fests, expecially where the gift you'll receive is concerned.

Well, that's all. If you like the idea, watch us or sign up.

Have yourself a Hoggy, Warty Christmas!

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